Wednesday, 10 July 2013

What's In My Bathroom - Sanctuary Body Wash

Today I have another gem from Sanctuary, they really are one of my favourite brands. The products all smell amazing, feel indulgent yet don't break the bank. 

The body wash has their signature scent which I adore, it also has little moisturising 'bits' in it. These don't exfoliate the skin but burst and leave your skin feeling silky soft. Unfortunately my camera couldn't pick up these up, must try harder

The wash itself is infused with essential oils so if you suffer from dry skin I would definitely recommend this product, as it doesn't dry out your skin at all. I also think that this is a perfect body wash for all year round as soothes skin that may have been over exposed in the sun, and would hydrate dry skin in the winter.

The product isn't as thick as some shower gels/body washes which I find means you end up using more. I also don't find that this foams much even with a puff. That said it is so hydrating that I can forgive it these two little niggles.

This is available from for £5.50 for 250ml.