Sunday, 10 February 2013

Magazine Madness Plus Random Haul #3

I always love the beginning of the month when all the glossy magazines hit the shelves. I was so excited to see Shiseido products as freebies with Marie Claire in my local Sainsburys as there haven't been any  free gifts for a couple of months. There was only a choice of two products in my local Sainsburys a foaming cleanser, which I wasn't that interested in trying and Hydro-Nourishing Softener which I picked up. I thought I would get the other two gifts at Tesco's but they had the magazine but no free gift! I have since looked everywhere and none of the other supermarkets or retailers have the free gifts. My local Sainsbury's still only has the two freebies  but there are apparently another two and day and night cream, I will keep looking and let you know if I find them. How annoying that it only seems to be Sainsburys selling the free gifts, if anyone sees them other places please let me know!
I thought that would be a bit of a short post so thought I would share a few random bits and pieces I picked up today in Norwich.
The first thing I picked up is some Leighton Denny As Good As New, I have wanted this since reading Anna's post on as many of my polishes are a bit thick and yuk. Really hoping that this sorts them out as dread to think how much money I have spent on nail polish throughout the years.
I also picked up some MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer from Superdrug I have been looking for this product every time I nip into the city and it is the first time I have found it. Am interested to see how this compares to the NARS primer as it is a fraction of the price. Has anyone tried this?
I also picked up a Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal in nude after seeing so many rave reviews on pretty much everyone's blogs.
The last beauty item I picked up was the Sleek Storm Palette again from Superdrug I love my naked palette but thought that this offered a few different alternatives plus would be great for travelling as is smaller and if it got damaged wouldn't be as upset as only cost £7.99. I haven't used any Sleek products so excited to try out.
The last two things are very random but much needed firstly I got some Vacuum Storage bags from Argos and some dress covers from Wilkinson as decided I needed to sort out my wardrobe if you are interested in before and after pics check out I have decided I definitely need more clothes.

So much for starting saving this month - oh well always next month