Monday, 25 February 2013

The Big Read - Emma by Jane Austen My Thoughts

I have seriously been stressing about whether to post this, as not really sure whether anyone will be that interested on my thoughts after all I am no literary expert (then again not an expert in anything). I also didn't want to give much of the storyline away. So sorry in advance if this doesn't interest you in the slightest but here it is anyway.

After starting this in August I have finally finished it - and no I am not an incredibly slow reader, life just kept getting in the way, I started a new job and my studies in September and just got out of the habit of reading a book. I think what made me start reading again is my iPad mini. For one this book was free and secondly its just so accessible, not that a book isn't but I am always on my iPad, and find it quite nice to check twitter etc in bed and then read a couple of chapters.

Back onto the book, I did enjoy Emma although did find it takes you a little while to get into the language and style of writing, but after that I found myself wishing that I lived in the period, with its gentlemen and balls. 

I have read that when Jane Austen wrote Emma she imagined that she had created a character that would not be very well liked. I however loved Emma and really felt for her when her best laid plans went array. She can be a bit of a simpleton at times but her character doesn't grate on you as she so easily could. Although in some parts of the book she doesn't do herself any favours - like at Box Hill you feel that is more down to age then maliciousness. 

My favourite parts of the book are Emma's plans and schemes to make Harriet and Mr Elton an item, who hasn't been there trying to get you or a friend Mr Right. I also love when she is trying to decide whether she is in love with Frank Churchill, both instances took me back to being a teenager and its interesting to see that matters relating to the heart haven't really changed.

Although this wasn't a page turner from start to finish it definitely picked up by the end.  The last eighty pages (on my iPad mini) I read in one sitting, when I had been reading a chapter maybe two a night.

Overall I thought that the story of Emma was entertaining, I doubt I would read again but did enjoy. If you can't be bothered to read the book definitely check out the Jonny Lee Miller adaptation as not only does he look rather handsome but it is a very good adaptation in my opinion.

I read mine on my iBooks apps but you download a Kindle edition for free using Amazon here or buy the BBC Adaptation for £7.25 here. It is also available in libraries and any good book shop.