Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo - On and On Bronze

Seriously thinking about changing my blog name to 'late to the party' but guess its better late then never right? I picked this up after my recent make up disaster and Maybelline were on offer at Boots. 

I have always stayed away from cream eye shadows as I think I must have the oiliest lids ever which are quite hooded so everything creases. To be honest was expecting to put this in a not worth the hype post but was really surprised.  
I absolutely love the colour a gorgeous bronze shimmer that is perfect for day or night. I love wearing this for work as can be applied and blended with your fingers so nice and quick and no faffing around looking for a clean brush.

Now on to the staying power and creasing the first time I tried this I didn't use a primer and was surprised how long it stayed put without creasing, so I decided to wear for work without a primer. I am not sure whether work makes my skin oilier or just the harsh lights in the bathroom makes things look worse, but this did crease. It didn't look awful but did definitely crease. I have tried with a few different primers and the best one I find is the NARS one I got when I went to London.

At the time of writing (22.30) I have been wearing with the NARS primer since 8 am and there is very minimal signs of creasing.

I have definitely fallen in love with this, the only problem is now I want more, am thinking about getting Eternal Gold, Permanent Taupe, Pink Gold and 25K Gold.

You can pick up from for £4.99 and the offer on Maybelline is still on