Sunday, 3 February 2013

Update - New Years Resolutions #1

As well as my main New Years Resolutions to continue with my AAT Level 4 and to sort out my finances I also set myself some mini goals for January so thought I would let you know how I got on.

My main resolutions are going well I found out in January that I passed my first exam which I sat in mid December on personal taxation. I am over the moon it wasn't easy but that is one module down four to go.  I also managed to pay off my credit card in full in January and considering I put all my Christmas presents on it think I did pretty well have no debt now just need to start saving, sounds easy right!

I wish my monthly targets went as well but at least I am on track with my main ones.

I wanted to get back to my target weight this month, well that has been an epic fail, I have actually put on more weight in January then I did in December. It started well but one week I had food optimised all week was feeling great, even walked to my Slimming World weigh in the snow to only lose half a pound. I was so upset I marched off home and ate a massive dinner and desert and pretty much didn't stick to plan for a week.  I was lucky to only put on two pounds but that put me at half a stone from target.  The realisation that I had put on a third of the weight I lost spurred me into action and last week stuck to plan and lost the offending two pounds, still five pounds from target but better then 7.

The second goal was to get into a routine and I have succeeded in creating a lovely bedtime routine which has made getting to sleep and waking up a fraction easier. I know that this might sound sad but I do like a good old routine and not sure why I never made more effort to start a bedtime routine before as I can struggle to get to sleep.

The last one was to relax and although I am not as stressed as I was in December I don't think that I can call this one a success. I have felt very anxious and on edge in January, not sure if it just the January blues but must try and relax more.

In February I want to

Get back to target I know this is from lasts months but I really want get back to my target weight for my birthday in March.

Finish Emma I started this months ago then gave up when studying for my exam and reverted to some chick lit over Christmas but I have started from the beginning again and been reading a couple of chapters a night (as part of my new routine  and am half way through. Would be great to finally finish this so can start The Great Gatsby.

Make more effort with make up realised in January that I have hardly used my Dior Amber Diamond, Chanel lipstick or Nars bronzer (well that has actually never been used) which is ridiculous when you think how much money I have spent on these three products alone. I have got into a bit of a rut of wearing tinted moisturiser, concealer and mascara! The main problem is that I do my make up last in my morning routine so if I am running late I end up sticking to the bare minimum I can get away with.  Maybe I should have just labelled this be less lazy.

What are you hoping to achieve in February?