Sunday, 17 February 2013

Make Up Disaster

On Friday I had an epic make up disaster - this may sound dramatic but was really quite awful!

I did my usual work day make up, slapped on some Benefit You Rebel Lite, Collection Lasting Profection Concealer, Clinique High Impact Mascara and some lip balm and bolted out of the door. I know I said I wanted to start being less lazy with my make up but it was Friday and I find all good intentions have gone out of the window by at least Wednesday.

Back to the disaster I was driving to work and my eyes started to sting and all of a sudden my eyes started to stream. Water was flowing down my face at an alarming rate and I couldn't see a thing. When I say my eyes streamed it felt like someone turned on a tap I could feel the water running off my face along with all my make up! My eyes at this point felt like they were burning and I couldn't keep them open. Looking back I should have been more concerned about not being able to see but all I could think about was I had to go to work with effectively no make up on. Foolishly I only have lip balm in my bag. Eventually my eyes stopped running and I could see again but my eyes were very red and sore. I tried to make myself look as ok as I could with one tissue and no make up but looked a state. 

When I was telling my work colleagues they all said it seemed like an allergic reaction, and had I used anything different. In fact yes I had, it was only the second time I had used the Clinique mascara but I also remember commenting on my eyes stinging when I cried wearing Lancome Hypnose Star and I know I was wearing the Benefit You Rebel Lite that day too. I decided there and then to throw out the mascara.

It got me thinking what exactly I slap on my face and how long some of these products had been hanging around. I am careful with mascara but everything else I only throw away when they are empty.  I realised that I had had You Rebel Lite for well over two years, when I got home it says it should be used within 12 months.

Now I am pretty sure that these expiry dates are shorter then they need to be, what with companies not wanting to get sued and the fact they want us to buy products more frequently, but they still must have an expiration date. 

With that in mind when I got home I threw out everything that had been hanging around longer then it should. I took the expiry dates with a pinch of salt and used common sense. I did end up also throwing out You Rebel Lite as to be honest couldn't believe how long I had had it. Also didn't like the fact that it had been the common factor on the two instances my eyes stung. All my brushes also got a deep clean including using anti bacterial wipes on the handles.

I think I learnt two lessons, one go through your collection regularly and throw out products that are past their best and two, put some make up in my bag.

On the plus side had to go shopping as had no mascara and only my Chanel foundation which I use frequently (and is still in date) but don't want to wear everyday for work, I like to keep Chanel for special occasions. I bought Maybelline The Falsies after being recommended it by a friend and also picked up a colour tattoo as there was money off when you purchased two Maybelline products. I did hope to get a Dr Jart+ Regenerating BB cream but it isn't stocked in my local Boots so will have to order online.

Has anyone else had any similar make up disasters?